We are looking to purchase 6 units but would rather not have 6 monthly data invoices for data that we will not use frequently. Our smart, highly secure solutions serve over 3 million global businesses – nearly all of the Fortune 1000. We used these for our remote locations that are using DSL as their primary. Unit 21 & 22, We provide organizations the flexibility to manage all of their devices from a “single pane of glass” via our Apogee Platform. And when you use our Cellular Data Connectivity solutions as primary, backup or temporary networks, you won’t need to worry about a weak signal or spotty connection. Because when you use microwave internet, there’s no worrying about how much data you use. What is the service level agreement with my primary internet provider, will it be repaired in hours or is the commitment from the provider just a best endeavours service level agreement? Ive have ran office of 30 for a week after hurricane Sandy. We have two Verizon hotspots as well a 4G router with voice. Based on overall coverage in U.S. licensed/roaming areas. Keep Your Business Running at All Times. That way when it goes down i can tell them to turn on the mifi and I log into my t-mobile hotspot account and buy a day pass or a week pass. Creating a Clone of a Domain Controller for a test environment, View this "Best Answer" in the replies below ». Any business that has previously ignored the importance of having a reliable backup internet connection will tell you that it was a serious mistake. Learn more at att.com/CommunicationsNews. Because they have all learned that having your internet go down for a substantial amount of time is more than just a mild inconvenience. Well except that one time I ran a sync job without checking the job size.. That was 50GB, oops. If the signal quality is not there the VPN will go up and down a lot. font.className = 'mpsl-fonts-link'; Because you will still have a faultless connection delivered through microwave. Someone cell phone > Wireless bridge > WAN2 > Firewall = whole LAN gets internet through someone's cell. We keep them on location and only pay when there is an outage and we need mobile data. Lights on your modem are flashing in a strange pattern. sliderWrapper.querySelector('[data-motoslider]').height = curHeight + 'px'; March 16-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada Come visit us in the TCG booth #225 to learn more about how you can partner... April 9-12th, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV. In this era of the IOT (Internet Of Things), it is crucial that your M2M (Machine-to-Machine) network have a constant and reliable high-speed Internet connection. Here’s what one said: “We have been Colquitt, Georgia's hometown pharmacy since 1935. And having worked with various small and large businesses throughout the years, we can say with full confidence that as soon as you get your backup microwave internet connection in place, you’ll wonder how you ever slept at night without it! Become a reseller today! We have 2 cradlepoint devices at remote sites now. var font = document.createElement('link'); We use Cradlepoints for temporary Internet either due to waiting for permanent services to be installed or when there is an extended outage. I use a CradlePoint on AT&T near Quincy, IL for a site's primary internet service. Kelvedon Restoring a backed up wireless network profile can be much easier … **Coverage not available everywhere. Verizon and other have official support for it. We provide organizations the flexibility to manage all of their devices from a “single pane of glass” via our Apogee Platform. var outerWidth = sliderWrapper.offsetWidth; Call us at 855-768-0307 or fill out the form below. These are the ones the cellular providers normally push for shared mobile Internet. Hook it to you router/firewall. Aug 13, 2015 at 15:07 UTC. Seamless and secure connection In the event of a network or power interruption, we provide seamless, automatic failover and failback to an encrypted 4G wireless … The Internet connection at your office dies. Backup Internet and Failover solutions are built on our leading 4G LTE wireless network—covering more than 2.6 million square miles in the U.S. AT&T releases Small Business Social Media Playbook while sponsoring Small Business Live, a philanthropic virtual concert. That way when it goes down i can tell them to turn on the mifi and I log into my t-mobile hotspot account and buy a day pass or a week pass. With this solution, if a business loses their internet connection – whether it’s due to a major disaster, construction-related cable cut or simple power outage – we will automatically restore their internet connection over our 4G LTE wireless network. Whether you are trying to create a highly available data network or enabling your IoT and M2M devices, Data2Go can help. Can to recommend cradlepoint as well. The wireless backup connection is provided by a discrete, LTE certified embedded cellular modem. Sure, no network can be completely secure, but when you backup your primary networks with our cellular Wireless Network Backup you’ll know your network continues operating using the most secure option available. WiFi-In-A-Box™ gives you a bundled Remote Work 4G LTE Wireless High-speed Internet Plan available anywhere in the contiguous United States and an affordable Internet Backup Solution for retail, small office, and credit card transactions in times of emergencies. For anyone that has ever got weird disconnects with a Cradlepoint I found this out the hard way. We have even hosted an entire project site off of a Cradlepoint, it worked but was latent for terminal services. Currently we have a T1 line that is basically just enough to keep our servers connected to the data center. Whether your business uses POS registers, IP video cameras, access control or product tracking technologies, Wireless Network Backup gives your business the ability to continue to protect customer data, inventory and products and your employees and customers at all times. Our Wireless Network Backup services leverage your existing wireless carrier’s high-speed 4G LTE or 3G networks, offering broadband connection speeds suitable for secure backup Internet connections.

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