Heretic Operative has now been out for nearly a month! 

First off, I want to deeply thank all our players for checking out our difficult, dark, and strange digital board game.  C Prompt Games is very small – just two of us – and building Heretic Operative has been a labor of love over the past year. 

I personally read every single review and discussions forum post and it means a lot to me when people take the time to leave us a review, give us feedback, or ask questions to learn more about the game. 

We are just getting started with Heretic Operative.  There is more content, both free and in DLC forms, coming down the road for the rest of 2019 (and beyond, if possible), and of course we will be continuing to provide balance and bugfix patches as well.

We will have more information to share with everyone about the timeline for DLC releases fairly soon.  Meanwhile, the next patch is coming in the next week or two.  The details are still being sorted out but expect some minor balance changes and bugfixes, along with a handful of new (free) Adventure cards. 

Cultist activity is on the rise at Copec’s Tavern, and an oft-overlooked Townsfolk there may be the key to staying one step ahead of them…