In every game of Heretic Operative, there is a primary crisis or disaster you are trying to avert.  During game setup, you pick which of these challenges you want to face by selecting the “Story Deck” you will be using.  The Story Deck has two main components – the individual “chapters” of the story (which are in a fixed order) and the story “events” that can happen along the way (which are drawn semi-randomly).

Each chapter represents progress in the overall progression of the story, and has requirements that you must meet in order to advance to the next chapter.  For example, you might need to collect a certain amount of Lore to conduct arcane research, or get an Operative to a specific location on the map. Events are triggered by increasing Cult activity, and in most cases represent some new additional problem you will need to face.

Some Story Decks are epic in scale, with the fate of the Northern Reach hanging in the balance, but others have a more personal focus.  Each of the 6 Story Decks is designed to vary how you play the game – some are more focused on combat,others change up the core rules in a few ways and require new strategies and approaches.

When you complete the final chapter in a Story, you win.  Of course, the Cult is out there trying to stop you, and they bring their own Deck to the party…   On our next mechanics blog, we will be discussing Cult Decks!