As we finish our mechanics blog series, here are a few tips and tricks on how to succeed in defeating the Cult.

How you spend your early Influence is vital. Spending it on Cell Leaders and other passive resource generators can pay off exponentially, since you can then re-invest those resources.

Don’t be afraid to convert your unused Actions into Fate points – having Fate available can make a huge difference when avoiding a negative Adventure outcome, so you always want to keep one or two points on hand. That said – if you find another source of Fate in the world, that’s very efficient compared to spending your Actions.

Time, in the form of your Action Points is your most limited resource across the game as a whole. Finding ways to save Action Points is tough, but optimizing movement is one of the most effective. Unlocking new travel routes via Townsfolk and gaining free movement points can result in a lot of “free” Actions over the course of the game. Another way to buy time is to slow down the pace of Cult Activity. Prioritize defeating Cultists and gaining Cult Resistance, and that will buy you many more turns in the end.

Nearly every game requires at least some degree of combat. The built-in abilities that your Operatives have will get your through early combats well enough, but beyond that you’ll need to have a plan. There are a lot of options but recruiting mercenaries and researching spells are usually the most consistently available and powerful. Against most enemies, using a high Physical skill Operative (like Whitefang or Onto) is a good way to post some large numbers quickly. Investing in magic can be more versatile for both combat and non-combat utility, and some enemies are very resistant to Iron dice.

Heretic Operative is a challenging game, but with some experience and insight you’ll be able to handle anything the Cult throws at you.

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