The primary foes of the Heretics are the Cult – magic users who have given themselves fully over to Corruption.  While the Story Deck determines what you must do to achieve victory, the Cult Deck determines which Cult you will be facing and trying to bring about your defeat.   

There are 4 different Cults to fight against in Heretic Operative (with more planned for the future).  Each Cult has a set of powerful Cult cards to use against you, as well as unique Cultist abilities and innate powers that can completely change up how you have to fight.  If the Storm Cult floods out all the roads or the Serpent Cult sacrifices the population of a town, you’ll have to adjust your plans to respond to the threat.

If left unchecked, the Cult develops their own secret network of ritual sites and new recruits, and these generate Cult Activity & Cult Power.  When the Cult Power gets too strong, their overall plan, as reflected by the Story Deck, is completed, and the Heretics lose.   Only with a well-considered strategy (and a dash of luck) will you be able to survive against the growing power of the Cultus Arcanum.

Each combination of Story Deck & Cult Deck changes up the game play dramatically.  There are 24 combinations to play through, each with their own Achievement to unlock.   But who you choose to fight against the Cult can also make a dramatic change in how a game of Heretic Operative plays out. 

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