There are five primary resources that you need to manage in Heretic Operative.  These show the overall position and capabilities of the Heretics as a whole – in fact almost all of them represent abstract concepts instead of traditional materials. 

Lore – Deep arcane secrets, esoteric knowledge, and rare magical insight.   Used for researching new spells from spellbooks and casting powerful rituals.   Gain Lore by researching ancient tomes and forbidden knowledge.

Gold – Material wealth such as coins, gems, or rare trade goods.  Used to purchase items from merchants or hire Mercenary Banners.  Gain Gold through hard work and adventure opportunities, or recruit townsfolk to provide a more reliable Gold income.

Influence – The reach and strength of the Heretic secret society.   Influence is used to recruit additional Townsfolk into the Heretics, or gain additional Operatives.  When Cult influence rises in an area, Heretic influence can be used to directly combat it.  Gain influence by recruiting Cell Leaders in as many locations as possible, and protecting them from Cult influence.

Rumors – Intelligence reports, contacts, scouting missions, and knowledge of current events.  If you draw an Adventure card you want to avoid (or are digging for a specific one you need), you can spend a Rumor to draw a new one to encounter instead. Gain Rumors by building spy networks and staying connected to your sources.

Fate – Luck, karma, astrological knowledge, and visions of the future. Used to re-roll dice in a Skill Challenge. Action Points that are not used automatically convert into Fate points.

The 5 resources are always shown at the top of the UI

In addition to their specific uses, Adventure cards frequently have options that are only available at a cost, and the same is true of many active abilities.  Manage your strategy carefully, as the Cult is always looking to undermine your resources, either by negative effects in Cult cards, or by spreading Cult Influence that can directly counteract Heretic operations.

That push and pull between Heretic Influence and Cult Influence revolves around who can gain the loyalty of key citizens throughout the Northern Reach – the Townsfolk.  Come back for the next blog post to learn more about how these recruits are gained (and lost)!