The final piece of initial game setup is choosing your Starting Operative – who you start the game as.  Each of the 7 starting Operatives has a different set of stats and abilities, and each can approach the challenges of the game utilizing their own unique strengths. 

Will you play as a master of spycraft, able to operate in the shadows to evade (or assassinate) the agents of Cult?  Or will you play as a fallen noble with powerful family connections in the Capital – at least as long as they can remain free from the gaze of the Inquisition?

Here’s a quick look at the first starting Operative you have access to:

In addition to your starting Operative, during the game you can use the Heretic’s influence to find and recruit additional Operatives.   These Operatives are how you execute any actions in the game, such as visiting exotic locations, spreading Heretic influence and engaging in combat.

Life as a Heretic is dangerous – hunted by the Church, stalked by fiendish nightmares, and at constant risk of falling prey to the Corruption inherent in magical use.   Should all of your Operatives perish, the Cult immediately wins.  So, it is always a good idea to keep an eye out for new recruits that can pick up the torch should your starting Operative fall to injury or Corruption.

To recap the main decisions you make in game setup – choose a Story to resolve, a Cult to fight against, and an Operative to play as.

Next time on the blog we will discuss how the structure of a Turn works within the game proper!